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5 Tips To Pick Perfect Wedding Cake

I think the most stressful yet delightful decision to make while planning your wedding is picking out your wedding cake. Everything needs to be perfect; from the flavor, to the color scheme to the shape the cake shall hold. Take your sweet time because this cake is going to be a reminder in all the pictures of day you said "I do". -Be sure to choose a bakery with a good repute for wedding cakes Start your research ahead of time. Look online, visit your local bakeries and be sure to ask your friends and families. This way as the day approaches you will have easily singled out your final choices and be left with a few which you will easily be able to choose from. You can also visit general wedding websites just to gain a feedback from couples. When you do manage to place your finger on a bakery make sure you go through their portfolio just to get a clear idea of their style- every bakery has its own signature designs on how it goes about its wedding cakes so definitely go through the pictures. Check to see whether the photos posted in the portfolio are up to date because if they are not it is likely their work isn't up to date either. Pick a bakery which offers a wide variety of cake designs and one which generally has a positive feedback rate. -Allow yourself ample time to decide on a wedding cake As stated earlier, always starts a good 4-6 months in advance to start planning for your wedding cake. Once the bride decides upon the color scheme of the wedding along with the venue of where it's going to be held, it's time to order the cake. The venue is important because if it's outdoors and in summer then the bakery will need to be notified so it can plan a cake suitable for the given wedding conditions. It's best to order before the bride enters the "crunch" period which is usually two months till the wedding since this is when all the tiny details are taken care of and the bride is usually very stressed. Best to leave the big decisions when she is less stressed.Look at this now cakes -Cake tasting! Cake tasting! Cake tasting! Always, and I mean always, arrange for a cake tasting before you order your cake. If you…