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You have decided to move locally or long distance to or from the beautiful city of Boston, and you need to get a parking permit to get that moving truck in front of your home so the moving crew can deliver. Boston Parking Options: What is the Best Parking Friendly Neighborhood in Boston?  Most likely your mover will offer to get the permit and will mark it up, to cover their labor costs to procure,post, and flyer your neighborhood. This may be a great option if you are moving to Boston from out of state, or if you just don't have any extra time to go get the permit yourself. This service usually cost between 150 and 200 dollars If you do have the time to go get the permit yourself you can save yourself some money, between 75 and 100 dollars. The process of getting a permit is as follows, and must be done at least 48 hours prior to loading or unloading. Get bond letter from the mover you have chosen, stating you can use their bond to get a permit. (This usually has a fee attached as well 50-75 bucks) Head down to Boston city hall at 1 city hall square, Boston, MA and go to the Boston Transportation Department (BTD for Short). Here you will request a permit, show your bond letter, and purchase the number of signs you need to reserve the space for your truck (BTD takes check only, signs are 4.00 each). I recommend you get 2 signs for a straight truck and 4 signs for a tractor trailer. Once BTD Prints out your request and you have purchased your signs, you head down the hall to Boston Public Works Department. (BPW for Short). Here you will purchase your permit for 20.00. Public works will give you a permit page and a flyer. You must make copies of the flyer, and blanket your neighborhood advising your neighbors about the parking restriction. Hang your no parking signs at the curb as close to your home as possible using trees, telephone poles, light poles, etc.