7 Things To Know About Towing Equipment

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If you are looking for a towing company to use the next time you are in a jam that involves either your car refusing to move or your car getting crunched at a four-way, then you need to arm yourself with some basic information regarding the type of towing equipment that most companies prefer to use. Many companies use similar equipment to tow vehicles, knowing this will help you decide who you will use the next time you need to call for help. see this page Mars Towing Los Angeles & Roadside Assistance

1- Most towing companies use the same types of towing equipment, you may hear that one company offers better options when it comes to towing your vehicle and you may be tempted to pay more for those options. However, it is important to know that there really are not as many options in towing equipment as some places might like you to think.

2- By far, the best option for towing your vehicle is a flatbed truck. In fact, this type of towing equipment is the only choice if your car or truck is four-wheel or all-wheel drive. A flatbed tow truck is basically a truck with a flat bed trailer, the trailer tilts and your car is pulled onto the trailer via a chain wench. The vehicle is then chained down in back and ready for its ride to safety. Make sure that the driver remembers to securely chain the back of the car to the trailer, or the rear wheels could slip off, causing damage to the suspension.

3- Another popular option is the traditional tow truck with a hook. Every little boy has this type of tow truck in their miniature car collection. This truck uses a hook that is placed under the front of the car; the hook lifts the front wheels off of the ground while keeping the back wheels on the road.

4- This option is fine for all two-wheeled vehicles. A note of caution never let the driver hook up an all-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle to a hook truck. Even if the driver has to go back and get a flat-bed, even if you will be extremely late for a date, do not, under any circumstances, let them put this type of vehicle on a hook.

5- If you needing the use of towing equipment for a long distance trip, it is best to seek the services of a company that handles this type of situation on a regular basis. In this instance, a number of companies prefer to use a covered trailer to haul the vehicle. This type of towing equipment keeps the car or truck safe on its long journey. While this may be an expensive option, it may be worth the extra money to protect your car on its trip.

6- A great many towing companies specialize in motorcycle towing. This type of towing is accomplished in much the same way as it is with a car. A motorcycle is towed with the use of a flatbed truck. While some companies will use a full sized tow truck and bed, other specialty companies prefer the use of a pick up truck that has a modified bed that is designed for towing motorcycles.

7- Now that you know a little about the types of towing equipment that is being used by most towing companies, you can make a more informed decision as to the company that you prefer to give your towing business to. Remember, when looking for a towing service, it is more about customer service and price than it is about the equipment that they use.